My Acne Journey: 1 Week In…

Son Bahyu Pure Horse Oil

Helllooooooo!!!! 🙌🏻 I’m back with an update on what’s going on with my skin and acne. If you missed out on my previous updates, go here…

My Skin is CLEAR! 🙂 What I’m Doing Now. 👈🏻 My experience on Day 1 and Day 2!

Skin Care Products I’m Using  + What I’m Doing for My Acne

Now back to my acne journey! 😌

It’s been 7 days of using tret (what I’m using to treat my acne). Here’s my experience with tret after 1 WEEK!!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

I used tret on the third night, and my skin became super sensitive the next morning. My skin felt really dry. Tret pretty much destroyed my moisture barrier after 3 days of use. I knew my moisture barrier was damaged because every time I applied any product to my skin, I would feel this burning sensation on my face. It felt very hot and painful. I had to stop using tret for 2 days. It took 2 days for my skin to heal, which was much faster than I expected. Within those 2 days, I slathered my face with everything I had — from moisturizing serums, lotions, oils. Yes, oils! I used whatever oils I had (squalane, rosehip oil, horse oil). I slapped everything on my face during those 2 days, haha. Once the burning sensation subsided, I went back on tret. I had some skin peeling off, but my skin was no longer burning, red, or painful. It was good to go to jump back on tret. Fortunately, my skin didn’t break out from using any products during this time. I was worried that the oils would break me out at any point even though it was for a short period of time. My skin doesn’t do well with oils. They usually clog my pores. I got really lucky that nothing bad happened. My skin healed and went back to its natural, healthy state. ✨

Once my skin healed…

I started using tret again. I’ve been using tret for 1 week now. Minus the 2 rest days. I haven’t had to take a break from tret since. I’ve noticed some itching and peeling skin, but it hasn’t bothered me too much yet. I hope it doesn’t along the way. I’m really trying to push through it this time as much as I can. I’m also trying to keep my skin as moisturized as much as possible too. I started using the products that I gave up on using again, LOL. Since my skin is feeling more vulnerable and in need of moisture, I thought I would just use them to help moisturize and heal my skin. If you missed out on those products, here they are!

Skin Care Products I Stopped Using

Continued: Skin Care Products I Stopped Using

My Review on Coxir Ultra Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Oil + More Skin Care Products I Stopped Using!

I was using them on my body, but I developed a weird rash from them on my body. Seems like my body skin is more sensitive than my face. I don’t have acne on my body, but it doesn’t like it when I use too many products on it. Too much moisture on the body is a no-go. My skin just gets really itchy. So! I’m going to use all of my products on my face. Still, I won’t be purchasing them again. Just using them because I have them. I talked about two other products that I recently added back into my routine — Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel and Cos De BAHA MA Peptide Facial Toner. With these two products, I don’t think I really need them anymore. I’m just going to use them until I’m out. I feel like what I have in my skin care routine right now is more than enough for long-term. Also, I didn’t want to have more products in my routine. I just want to cut them out of my life. It’s like an addiction. I think I need it. But do I really need it?? It’s been months now, and I haven’t purchased any new skin care products. Even if there are tons of summer sales and whatnot going on. I’m really trying to fight the temptation. So far I’ve been really good at not buying anything new. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself NO MORE. I’m very proud of myself, HAHA! 🥳 Anyone else going minimal too or at least trying to decrease the amount of skin care products they use?

My results after 1 WEEK of using tret!

The texture of my skin looks good. And it looks like I’m going through a mini initial breakout too. The breakouts comes and goes. These breakouts seem to disappear very quickly after my skin peels. My skin also heals much quicker. The quality of my skin looks very good. It’s softer and smoother. I’m glad I went back on tret. It’s only been a week, and my skin looks soooooo gooooood!!! I also stopped using benzoyl peroxide all over my face. I didn’t think I needed it anymore since I’m using tret. My skin is peeling, breakouts are vanishing, skin is clearing up. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s doing what benzoyl peroxide did for my skin, which is sloughing off dead skin cells to unclog pores underneath the surface. My skin is clearing up all over again!! Yay!! My makeup also goes on better. I don’t need to use as much anymore. Just a thin layer that looks way more natural than before. That’s how a makeup application should sit on the skin anyways. A natural, flawless finish. I’m already seeing improvements. 🙂

I’m really excited for the results it’ll give me within a month, especially when I’ve already seen changes in my skin within a week! I just hope I’ll see even more improvements soon! It looks like everything is going smoothly with tret! This was not what I expected, but I’m very glad that everything is going well! Look forward to a new update on my results coming up soon! Also, coming up, what face wash I’m using! Sorry, I’m lagging on this! There’s so much going on right now. 😮‍💨 I’ll get right to it when I can!

2 Month Tret Update. Is It Working??!! + Other Products I’m Using :)

2 Months Tret Results

It’s been 2 months on tret. I used it a few days a week at first until my skin acclimated to it. That went by quick, so I started using it every day at night. I haven’t had any issues with using it every day since. My skin isn’t red, peeling, or in pain. No irritation of any kind. It’s so weird. I had issues with it using it every night before. All of a sudden, out of the blue, it’s been such a breeze. It’s like I’m applying water to my skin now. So interesting and odd at the same time! I wonder if it’s working anymore. So that is why I’ve been trying out other skin care products. It looks like tret isn’t helping with some forehead acne and blackheads on my nose. They’ve been really stubborn, and I need to get rid of them ASAP, so they can heal quickly and properly. This is what I tried during the second month of tret.

Benzoyl Peroxide: I would slather BP all over my face if I could, but the side effects are just too much. The fumes get into my eyes and burn. But, BP truly does work to eliminate acne. Some days of the week, I’ll spot treat areas where I notice congestion. That’s about it. *sigh* Those BP days…

Glycolic Acid: I started using glycolic acid again when I was looking for another option to treat my acne (besides BP). I’m using Alpha Skin Care Intensive Renewal Serum (my first impression). Here’s my 1 week review on the product. I did another update on this serum. Go here to read more about it (my 3 week update). Glycolic acid seems to be working this time around too. I’m stunned! It worked before then stopped working. Now, it’s working again. It’s been great for skin texture and the overall quality of my skin. Keeping my skin looking soft, smooth, and refined, but it didn’t do much for my acne. Well, it did at first, but it stopped working on my acne. I’m still deciding if I should keep this serum in my routine. I was really looking for something that’ll unclog my pores, and this serum seems too gentle on my skin to do just that. So, I took a break from it since I didn’t see an improvement in my acne. I might bring it back if I think my skin needs it. I really don’t know yet.

My skin seems to be tolerating almost all of the products I used before. Didn’t work at one point in time, but it’s working now. They are…

iUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum: This serum is very moisturizing. It helps to keep the skin soft and hydrated. Feels sticky at first but feels very nice on the skin. Once it sinks into the skin, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized. I have a little bit of this product left from using it twice a day. But am I going to keep using it when I’m done with the bottle? I’m not sure. I prefer the iUNIK Propolis Synergy Vitamin Serum a little bit more. I’ll have to think about it. 🤔 The iUNIK Propolis Synergy Vitamin Serum is another serum that’s working for me now too. 🙂 Love it!!

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask: I have a love-hate relationship with this moisturizer. It’s moisturizing. It’s probably the most moisturizing lotion I have used where I don’t get huge cystic acne. But I decided to keep it in my routine and use it only on dry areas of my face. If I have a dry patch, I’ll use this product to moisturize that specific area of my face. I don’t use it all-over anymore. It causes too many problems. Makes my skin all oily, more blackheads, and forehead acne goes nuts. Moisturizing is important for skin health, but too much leads to consequences like breakouts (on my skin). I really like this moisturizer though. It truly does help moisturize my oily skin without leaving my skin feeling heavy and clogged.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid: I started using this BHA Liquid again. I went full on, lol, but I had to stop using it because it was drying my skin out. It works to tame the oilies on my facial skin, but I don’t think it did anything for the blackheads on my nose. I was hoping it would do something about that. I like using this BHA Liquid when my skin is oily. I’ll use it once in a while right now until summer arrives. That’s when my skin is even more oily.

Here are some products I’m not too wild about anymore:

Cosrx AHA BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner: This toner hasn’t helped much with acne whatsoever. I was hoping that it did a little bit of something. Doesn’t seem like it’s good at controlling the oil in my skin anymore. What happened? I don’t know. It’s an OK product. I’m not sure if I should keep it in my routine or not. It has a weird texture to it. I’m on the fence about this toner. We’ll see what happens in the near future. lol.

Olay Regenerist Vitamin C Peptide 24 Brightening Facial Cleanser: I’ve been using the Olay Regenerist Facial Cleanser since last year. I started off with the Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Cream Cleanser. The Vitamin C Peptide 24 Brightening Facial Cleanser is the exact same as the Collagen Peptide 24 Cream Cleanser in terms of results. I didn’t notice brighter skin using the one with vitamin c. I loved this cleanser months ago when I was using it. That was when I didn’t have a good BHA product in my routine. I know these facial cleansers aren’t advertised as acne cleansers or cleansers with BHA, but it does contain salicylic acid in them. I can feel the salicylic on my skin when I use it. I would keep it around, but I’m using Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid instead. I just thought it would be a better option for me instead of this face wash. Maybe I’ll use it again if Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid doesn’t work out. More reviews on Olay Regenerist facial cleansers:

1 Week Using Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Cream Cleanser. Goodbye Acne?

1 Month Using Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Cream Cleanser & What I’m Doing Now for My Acne…

The only acne I’m dealing with right now is a few pimples on my forehead. Some blackheads on my nose (so annoying). Sometimes some random pimple that pops out of nowhere. My skin is almost, just almost clear. Texture looks pretty good. It’s looks smoother. I’m not liking that shiny forehead though. It looks so weird and odd, haha. I’ve been trying to keep my skin moisturized by using lightweight facial moisturizers, which don’t provide enough moisture for my skin, but it’s better than nothing. My skin hasn’t broken out from those moisturizers (as of yet!). Right now, it’s all about keeping my moisture barrier healthy and happy. But tret hasn’t been drying. Or doing much for my acne like I hoped. I think I’m going to keep using it and wait it out. In the meantime, just search for something else to combat these stubborn pimples that just won’t go away. After 2 months, I’m pretty much neutral with the results I’m getting from tret. I can’t say much about it helping with fine lines and wrinkles. I think moisturizing my skin has helped a ton more. Well! That’s my 2 month update on tret. Take it or leave it, lol. I’ll see everyone next month!

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