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My Thoughts on EOS Lip Balm & NYX #thisiseverything Lip Oil

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EOS Lip Balm & NYX #thisiseverything Lip Oil
EOS Lip Balm & NYX #thisiseverything Lip Oil

I have some lip care products to share. They are EOS Lip Balm and NYX #thisiseverything Lip Oil. I’ve had them since last year. They seem to last for quite some time. I’ve only used two EOS Lip Balms (lavender, chamomile). Haven’t gotten to the Strawberry Sorbet yet. Here are my thoughts on both of these lip care products.

EOS Lip Balm:

I purchased EOS Lip Balm in a pack. It included 2 Strawberry Sorbet (Pink), 2 Vanilla Bean (Yellow), 2 Chamomile (Lavender). The packaging stated that they are…

I’ve only used the Chamomile and Vanilla. From my experience with these two, EOS Lip Balms are so hyped up. I’ve used them before in the past. After that, I didn’t buy them again until now (to try them out again). To me, they don’t provide long-lasting hydration. I would have to reapply constantly, and they don’t leave my lips soft or hydrated by the end of the day. You would think that these lip balms are vegan by seeing ‘organic’, ‘natural’, and ‘not tested on animals’ on the packaging, but they are not. They all (all three of them) contain beeswax. This is something I would not purchase again. I think there are better lip moisturizing products out there. I’m not going to settle for less.

NYX #thisiseverything Lip Oil:

I like lip oils. They are hydrating and leave the lips feeling moisturized by the end of the day. I love using them at night too before I go to sleep. I wake up with soft, moisturized lips! I think these lip oils are OK. For some reason, I don’t have the urge to buy them again. It was nice to try them out though. NYX is a cruelty-free brand. Some of their products are vegan. The lip oils are vegan. BUT, keep in mind that their parent company L’Oreal is not. That’s another reason why I won’t buy them again. I don’t really need these lip care products. They are not a necessity. I would much prefer to support a brand/parent company that doesn’t test on animals and are vegan.

Those are my thoughts on EOS Lip Balm and NYX #thisiseverything Lip Oil. I hope this helped!

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Update on The Ordinary AHA 3% BHA 2% Peeling Solution

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The Ordinary AHA 3% BHA 2% Peeling Solution
The Ordinary AHA 3% BHA 2% Peeling Solution

I last made an update in December on The Ordinary AHA 3% BHA 2% Peeling Solution. It’s been 3 months since my last update. I’ve been using this facial peel since November. I’m past halfway through the bottle. I’m almost done with it. This is my experience with it!

I followed the instructions of this product. I used it twice a week and leave it on for only 10 minutes. Still, I have not noticed a difference in my skin. The peel doesn’t sting, burn, tingle, or leave my skin shedding. I was hoping for a little bit of peeling, but I have nothing to show. It still hasn’t broken me out in acne. It hasn’t irritated my skin either. Is it even working? lol. I’m thinking that the percentage is too weak on my skin, or the formula doesn’t work for me. From my experience for months, I won’t purchase the facial peel again. Sadly, I bought a total of 3 bottles. I guess I can keep using it and report back with my results. Maybe things might turn around, and I’ll notice a positive difference in my skin after another bottle or two. ha. We’ll see.

If you’re curious if this product is vegan and cruelty-free, it is. 😊

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