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Review: Carenel Lip Night Mask

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Carenel Lip Night Mask
Carenel Lip Night Mask

About Carenel Lip Night Mask:


I’ve always wanted to try a lip night mask. My lips have been errr crusty and chapped lately. 😶 I’ve read many good reviews on this product. I decided to give it a try! This lip night mask comes in a jar with a tiny spoon. The product is soft and intact. It’s not like other lip balms where it melts and gets everywhere. I did notice that the mask smells really good. It smells exactly like what it says it’s supposed to smell like….berries! It smells so good and doesn’t have an awful taste to it. It’s not like I eat it intentionally. It’s on my lips, so there’s a possible chance it gets in my mouth. lol. Also, the mask is sticky when applied to the lips, but that sticky texture that it has helps the product stay in place instead of running off of the lips. It does a very good job at moisturizing the lips and smoothing out fine lines. I noticed results after the first night of using it! It works way better than any other lip balm I have used. Works better than Vaseline (petroleum jelly). And Vaseline drips from the lips. Yuck! This lip mask is working for me. I just have to remember to slap some on before I go to sleep. Love it! 💕 Super excited about this product! 😃

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