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Am I still using Rosehip Oil? (update)

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Aria Starr Rosehip Oil
Aria Starr Rosehip Oil

My last update on rosehip oil was 2 months ago. During that time, I stopped using the oil on my skin. Ever since I stopped using it, I couldn’t tell a difference between having it in my skin care routine or not. No difference. From this experience, I wish rosehip oil worked for me, but it didn’t. This is another one of those things where it doesn’t work for everyone. Honestly, rosehip oil didn’t do anything for my skin as I hoped. For the rest of the product, I’ll have to use it on my body. lol. Does anyone else do that? Use products that don’t work on their face on their body? haha. Well, I do. Would I recommend rosehip oil? You can try it out, but for me it just didn’t work. My skin doesn’t do well with oils anyways. Oh well.

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3 Month Update: Benton Fermentation Essence

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Benton Fermentation Essence
Benton Fermentation Essence

Here’s my 3 month update on Benton Fermentation Essence! 🙂

Wow, this has become one of my favorite skin care products! It’s lightweight, gentle, absorbs into the skin very well (it just sinks into the skin), and I don’t think it has clogged my pores. I’m still keeping my eye on that. Since I have oily skin, this stuff works perfectly on my skin. It’s not greasy or heavy. It leaves the skin slightly hydrated but not for long. It gives the skin instant moisture. If you’re looking for an essence that is extremely hydrating, this isn’t it. My skin doesn’t need too much moisture. I end up with clogged pores when that happens. It has softened my skin, but I still can’t tell if it has helped with aging and wrinkles. Doesn’t help with oil production and blackheads. My skin still appears oily after using this product. Doesn’t help to reduce the size of large pores. Doesn’t brighten the skin either. I just like the moisturizing factor of this product. It’s not heavy. Some moisture is better than nothing. And I do like the ingredients in this product. It contains yeasts and ceramide, so it gives the skin a smooth feel to it. So far, I like it. A new update coming up soon…

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